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If 61 years of family-business exprerience doesn΄t make you the very best at your field of exprerience, then what does? Located on Matogianni street, Liontis store has been making and selling handmade leather sandals since 1956.

Nowdays the grandson of the founder, 3rd generation of leather sandal creating and trading, continues his family practice with the same amount of love and the utmost respect for tradition and top-quality creation. In the petite store you will find a wide range of flip flops, toggle sandals, all made by hand from the finest leather and in a rich variety of colours for ladies, gentlemen and young island guests.

Pair your new sandals with a colourful caftan and get the all day island look that will take you from the beach all the way to your vibrant nightly Mykonian adventures in style and comfort.

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